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Father kidnaps and rapes 16 year old daughter

9 years ago | 9560 Views
Grahamstown - A 16-year-old South African girl who was kidnapped and raped, allegedly by her father, has been found on a farm outside Grahamstown, Eastern Cape police said on Thursday.

"She is severely traumatised," Captain Mali Govender said.

"Police received a report of a missing girl on Sunday and it was later discovered that she was kidnapped by her biological father."

She had reported a case of rape and assault against her father before the incident, Govender said.

The teenager was found around noon on Tuesday at a farm where she was being held hostage. By the time the police arrived, her father had left.
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Tags: Rape,Kidnap,Daughter


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Anonymous user 9 years
bloody pervert daddy mst b castrated hw cn u f**k yo own child
Anonymous user 9 years
That's South Africa for you..
most probably the father is going to get a R1500 bail, and teh case will be postponed to a later date in 2014 pending further investigations.
then they will keep on postponing the case until the father case is thrown away due to lake of evidence.

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