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Homosexuals have no place in African culture

12 years ago | 44135 Views
There is a very disturbing trend on how some issues that concern African interests are being handled by the world's mother body — the United Nations, and at the end of the day as the people of this beautiful and majestic continent, we start to question whether the UN treats its member states differently, and what criteria it uses to deal with certain situations.

We raise these alarm bells because it now looks like there is a UN policy framework for Africa, which is different from the one used on other member states. The goings-on also make us ask this critical question: who drives the agenda at the 193-member organisation? Is it the UN Secretary General's mandate to coerce African states to institutionalise behaviour systems that they frown upon or are deemed illegal?

Is the UN Secretary General's office being used by Western nations to advance their agendas on the continent? Barely a month after the world's top diplomat Mr Ban Ki-Moon lectured African leaders at the African Union summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia about the need to recognise and protect the rights of homosexuals, he was at it again last weekend when he visited Zambia.

He repeated his call for protecting gay rights, and did so in Zambia's parliament, which in itself was a telling statement, since parliament is the supreme law-making body. Mr Ban's calls regarding an issue he is very much aware is a thorny issue was not only surprising, but showed contempt of the Zambian parliament and its people.

The angry reactions to Mr Ban's calls from Zambians across the board are not surprising. Zambians have argued that the Secretary-General's calls smacked of double standards and ulterior motives.

How could he travel all the way from New York to come and tell Zambians the values they should protect, considering the myriad of challenges they face, which should top most of the UN's programmes of action?

They asked whether this was not a ploy being used by the West, using the Secretary General's willing office to re-enter and recolonise Africa under the pretext of protecting minority rights.

We do not believe that Mr Ban's concern about the rights of homosexuals in Africa has anything to do with those people's "rights" at all, but it has everything to do with the motives of those who are driving the agenda that the Secretary General is not only playing an advocacy and activist role, but is public relations officer as well.

Surely, Mr Ban cannot say that he is speaking on behalf of UN member states, when Africa's 54 countries make up the UN as well. As Africans, we do not remember the UN member states through the General Assembly debating this issue, and putting it under consideration as part of the Universal Human Rights code. We have not also heard that this is one of the prominent rights being advanced by the UNHRC. This is why we are non-plused that Mr Ban has so far come to Africa three times in less than a year, to speak about gay rights. When a Malawian gay couple was jailed last year, Mr Ban visited Malawi, and the next thing we heard was that president Bingu wa Mutharika had ordered their release after discussions with Mr Ban.

The Zambian visit followed media reports that president Michael Sata will probably pay a visit to the United States of America some time this year. Mr Ban also made these remarks at a time when Zambia is considering constitutional reforms.

Are these mere coincidences?

There is a backlash against Africa for being homophobic because the West believes that it can continue to use the same old tricks to arm-twist African leaders to enter into deals that are anathema to the moral, cultural and spiritual values of the continent just because the United States and Europe are wielding a carrot and stick in form of aid?

Apart from observance of gay rights being tied to disbursement of aid by some Western nations, it is also not coincidental that Mr Ban is calling on the recognition of these rights soon after Britain's David Cameron and Hillary Clinton threatened that aid will be tied to upholding gay rights.

Apart from South Africa whose constitution is open to gay rights, it is critical to see how Africa will deal with this latest manoeuvre by the West to divide and conquer the continent in the name of humanitarian assistance.

If the UN Secretary General decides to be a foot soldier that advances the interests of powerful nations, is it a wonder then that in 2012, calls for reforming the United Nations should not only get louder, but they should also be heeded, unless if the West wants to continue to believe that some animals are more equal than others.

This a chance for Africa to use its net worth to dismantle the entrenched dependence syndrome, and to also say "no", no matter how many times they are accused of being homophobic. Aid given under strings attached is not worth it. The continent cannot lose its moral and spiritual integrity for the sake of aid.
19 Malema
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Anonymous user 12 years
yeah you tell them Buddy. Homo's have no place in Africa. While you are it tell them to keep their bloody millions in Aid too. Naah better to kiss arse. LOL
Anonymous user 12 years
this is a retarded view to world politics if you think we are governed by people"s sexual orientation then you are a misguided soul
Anonymous user 12 years
In Africa, YES we are guided by a person's orientation dude. Put a ngochani (home) and a straight person as candidates and see what happens. Down with he/shes dogs worse than dogs. Nature doesn't allow a man to mate a man.
Anonymous user 12 years
really and so you will also argue thats whites think better blacks ? note i use the word think not reason or rationalize for someone who was once called a kaffir and nigger you are quick to throw words like ngochani such derogatory terms . some of our best minds in the world are sexually deviants like i said sexual orientation does not contribute much to life . stop obsessing about reproduction
Anonymous user 12 years
and no in AFRICA we are not guided by it YOU are . speak for yourself
Anonymous user 12 years
There's not enough love in the world as it is. If putting a penis in another man's behind creates more love and happiness, then by all means do it.
Anonymous user 12 years
Who says they are about having a place in the African culture anyway?
Anonymous user 12 years
Who says they care about having a place in the African culture anyway?
Anonymous user 12 years
this is rubbish why worry about homos if you are not one.
Anonymous user 11 years
we need more of such writings, bravo!
Anonymous user 11 years
So withdraw from the UN & start learning how to survive without the billion in western aid.
Anonymous user 11 years
homosexuality is a form of satanism that seems to get prominence becoz the so called developed world has endorsed as a basic human right that another man marries another. In a naturally sound mind and body, any man will instictively yearn and desire a woman, even animals fight even unto death for females. To hell with the sodomites.
Anonymous user 10 years
Isnt Mr Ban Moon a mulatto?
Anonymous user 10 years
African People Globally are slaves if White nations who colonized us, White nations who destroyed our images can threaten to punish us if we don;t see the world to them... Where our African men and women at? African people where are we going?
Anonymous user 10 years
What is the point of living if we are only going to be slaves for Whites?
Anonymous user 10 years
okay lets put it this way..if u round up all gays n lesbos and put them in one country, how long do you think they'll survive??..human extinction
Anonymous user 10 years
You are asking for African countries sovereignity in their decisions, but their is something you are not taking into account. Using the same argument, apply it to each African individual. Why would they have to be forced to act or do just as their government tells them to? Just as "powerful" Western countries have no right to tell African countries how to act, African countries have no right to tell each individual how to act. It is the same unethical principal in both cases.
Anonymous user 9 years
niggers are assholes nobody wants to live in that shithole africa anyway
Anonymous user 8 years
The Zionist Jews are behind this homosexuality crap. We need to stop them.
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