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Ibbo Mandaza is shallow and derailed in intellectual & political analytic ability

11 years ago | 12305 Views
By Dr Sikhanyiso D. Ndlovu

DR IBBO JOSEPH MANDAZA'S assertion before elections and after an interview with the MDC sympathiser Chris Maroleng on eNCA News on Sunday night and Monday morning revealed that he is shallow and derailed in intellectual and political analytic ability. Ibbo Joseph claimed that Zanu-PF would lose elections in rural areas because Tsvangirai and his MDC had made inroads there.

On his Sunday and Monday interviews with eNCA News reporter Chris Maroleng he alleged that Mugabe had rigged the urban elections.

In the case of rural elections, Ibbo Joseph was oblivious to reason and might not have been following Comrade Mugabe's rural programmes such as rural schools development and computerisation, rural electrification which the MDC-T former ministers of energy and power development and Tsvangirai attempted to block and when he called for the electricity to be cut off from Zimbabwe by South Africa which would stop irrigation and put rural areas in darkness.

Was Mandaza aware that schools were built in rural areas and were all staffed by qualified teachers as unqualified teachers were given preference for teacher training?

Most rural teachers were provided with staff development by studying with the Zimbabwe Open University without leaving their schools in rural areas. I had the pleasure of being appointed Deputy Minister of Higher Education to work with Dr Chombo on establishing universities including the Zimbabwe Open University which now has more than 20 000 students and nine State universities with more than 50 000 students. The Presidential Scholarship programme has assisted thousands of students from needy rural families.

Chiefs' lives and their subjects were greatly improved. Irrigation programmes and clinics were established. Tsvangirai and his MDC-T were in deep slumber in rural areas and busy glob-trotting calling for sanctions which made rural folks suffer as the country could not purchase borehole equipment, farming and irrigation equipment for rural  areas.

Mandaza seems ignorant of the grain and food support for rural people over the years. Therefore, his utterance that MDC-T had made inroads for support in rural areas was misplaced.

Mines in rural areas through Zanu-PF's indigenisation and community share ownership policy have created community share trusts which are benefiting the people by building houses, schools, clinics and roads. MDC-T wanted to stop this.

Mandaza was giving MDC-T credit and bravado and false hope that it had gained the rural electorate. This was proved wrong by the rural vote which overwhelmingly came in full favour of Zanu-PF.

On urban centres, Mandaza in the interview with Chris Maroleng alleges that Zanu-PF knew that urban centres were MDC-T strongholds hence Mugabe rigged the urban vote. This was a figment of Mandaza's imagination and a big "scientific lie". He cannot tarnish the image of the President by lies.  Mandaza is ignorant of Zanu-PF's urban revolutionary focus aimed through youth empowerment, education, indigenisation and employment creation in urban areas. Schools, clinics and universities, teachers' colleges and technical colleges and computerisation have been developed.

The Presidential Schools Computerisation Programme was a factor in the youths. Kasukuwere, under the directive of President Mugabe, has done a good job in the youth empowerment programme as youths make 60 percent of the population.

MDC-T wanted to reverse this programme to protect foreign monopoly and the Western economic hegemony in urban areas. The urban residents do not want MDC-T for those illegal economic sanctions on Zimbabwean companies.

Withholding of funds for distressed companies by MDC-T former Minister of Finance causing unemployment in urban areas was well known by the urban voters thus Tsvangirai and his MDC got a thrashing in most urban areas except Bulawayo where Tsvangirai's imperialist ghost could not be exorcised from some people there. Votes for the President there greatly improved from the 2008 elections.

The SMEs took over the cities with a storm while MDC-T looked on Mandaza's due to his day and night political inexactitudes was wrongly advising Tsvangirai that he still had the urban vote of 2008.

He does not understand the rural urban migration such that the 2008 urban population is no longer totally the same as the 2013 urban population. Neither does he know that the almost a million youths who were not at voting age in 2008, were voting this year. Cde Mugabe and Team Zanu-PF had to address their needs with demographic stratification approach.

Mandaza is not aware that Zanu-PF was top in the use of social media, Facebook, Twitter and Zanu-PF most read Website.

Zanu-PF professional youths like Psychology Maziwisa put MDC-T to shame.

Was Mandaza aware of the rot in urban councils' corruption and failure to deliver water and housing amenities, the illegally taking residents' houses and stands to themselves?

Residents due to sanctions led to the closure of factories and unemployment. Cde Mugabe, in his wisdom, asked Chombo, the most able Minister of Local Government and Rural and Urban Development, to order all councils to cancel all water and rates arrears.  Residents would not vote for MDC-T in urban areas.

Tsvangirai and his MDC told urban councils to refuse the order. Residents were, still are, and will forever be grateful.

Does Mandaza think that residents would vote for their oppressor, the imperialist megaphone? Mandaza's premonition and allegation that Mugabe rigged the urban vote is far from the truth and is a stretch of his imagination. Mandaza's other aim was to put the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission ZEC into disrepute.

ZEC is headed by the most professional par excellence impartial and impeccable Justice Rita Makarau and her team.

Mandaza's claim during his interview on eNCA News that Zimbabweans would revolt in protest is an attempt to cause an uprising and is politically and sociologically criminal.

Zimbabweans will never be swayed by political imbeciles. Zimbabweans have spoken - in Latin we say Vox populi vox Dei. The voice of the people is the voice of God.

Dr Sikhanyiso D. Ndlovu is Zanu-PF National Secretary for Education, Educationist, Researcher and Evaluation and Political Analyst.
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