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Is the word 'Ikula' for Indians derogatory?

13 years ago | 26475 Views
Am a bit confused here,Is the word "Ikula" for Indians derogatory?

I guess even White guys when you say Ikhiwa will have to complain please help.
Is the word "Ikula" for Indians derogatory?

I have always known Indians as amaKula, there is not other name that I knew. Naran was always called iKhula.

Do you mean to say uMajaivana uma wayesithi usekhonjwe likula he was saying it in a racist manner?

According to Ndebele people from Zimbabwe iKula likula, maybe it has a different meaning in SA.
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Anonymous user 13 years
So ama[Some people] lawo sokumele atshinge engathiwa ngama[Some people] phela
Anonymous user 13 years
one time i called an indian man and he then advised me that it is derogatory will try get the reasoning from him but it bordered around the indian comunity being "cool" to the blacks before independence hence cool turned into mkula. hope that helps
Anonymous user 13 years
Ikula yilower caste eIndia
Anonymous user 13 years
ikula likula mani, ikula yinto leyana edla i curry
Anonymous user 13 years
Of course it is derogatory. It comes from "coolie". There is an alternative and WIDELY used word "amandiya".
Anonymous user 13 years
But who would someone ayale to be called cool mina ungatshonjalo ngiyakuthengela utshwala iviki yonke sibili
Anonymous user 13 years
Madoda ikula yinto enhle, enhle kakhulu
Anonymous user 5 years
I don't see anything derogatory about that "ikula" in my opinion is an acceptable Xhosa word for an Indian person
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