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Gaddafi: 'African hero in my eyes'

13 years ago | 7578 Views
by Mass Dihloke

With the unfolding events of the past week, most you will know who my heading refers to, yes Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, indeed he is in my eyes a true African son, as he said “I’m a soldier for Africa, I’m here for you and I work for you, therefore I will not leave you and I will follow up on your conditions”; true to his word he never left.

Before you start berating me on this article, ask yourself how you came to know of Gaddafi and from where your info came and how reliable was it.

Most seems to have taken what the media said about at face value and swallowed without investigating and making up their own minds of the man, so gullible that they believed unconfirmed and unsubstantiated rumoured of Gaddafi bombing Tripoli and killing protesters by the thousand, the powers that be came to realise the power of the media and the gullibility of the masses.

The first team of international experts recently from Libya had a completely different views and facts from what the main stream media supplied the world in regards to what Gaddafi  did to his people, as he has been calling for the world to come and refute what was spread all over the world about him.

The murders and human rights violation that the media and his enemies’ claims he has committed were going to be tested in the court of law. Even if those claims are true then the same fate should be follow a whole lot of western leaders.

When Gaddafi took power in 1969 and nationalised the country’s oil it is and was no secret that the western powers were very unhappy with him.

Like a true Africa son most of the oil revenues were put back into developing Libya, resulting up in Libya having the highest standards of living in the whole continent, free education, free health system, free housing that removed millions of Libyans from tents they lived in to such an extent that he refused to remove his parents from a tent they were leaved in until every Libyan is properly housed and he did much to his detrimental that his own father died in a tent.

Empowerment of women and their involvement in politics, working class was encouraged much to resistance of Benghazi same place where the NTC reared its head and the same place where Black Libyans were slaughtered by the NTC and the world turned a blind eye on that.

The other issue the western powers had against him was his long held dream of uniting the African continent to make the United States of Africa, when war broke out in Uganda, Congo, Ethiopia and Eritrea no one else but Colonel Muammar Gaddafi negotiated a ceasefire as part of his dreams to see a united Africa. The “true” unification of Africa seems to scare a lot of western countries for they know a new unmatched super wealthy super power would have risen.

This was no revolution it was pay back. What scares me the most is to see world “leaders” jubilant at another country’s leader’s death dictator as they claim or not, it is not right more so in the manner he was killed.

Courtesy of Mass Dihloke
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Anonymous user 13 years
True that, Gaddafi was a real African hero. too bad the African community does not see it like that,
the man deserves recognition and also awards for being a noble man.
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