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19 stiches on testicles after girlfriend bite

13 years ago | 10327 Views
Maria Topp, 44, sunk her teeth into Martin Douglas' groin after a ten-hour boozing session. The wound in the scrotum was so bad Martin, her then partner of five years, needed 19 stitches. Topp, 44, from Wreckenton, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm at Newcastle Crown Court last month.

But this morning Recorder Robin Mairs took pity on her and spared her a possible jail term. Instead he handed her a 12-month sentence, suspended for 18 months, and ordered her to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work. He also slapped the mum-of-four with a restraining order to prevent her from contacting Mr Douglas.

The judge said: "This relationship is over, I think both of you accept that." Topp denied grievous bodily harm with intent but admitted the lesser charge of GBH on the basis there was violence used on both sides. The attack in Mr Douglas' home in Newcastle city centre in February was so bad one of his testicles came out of the wound. He was so traumatised by his injuries that emergency services staff struggled to understand him when he dialled 999.

At a previous hearing Recorder Mairs said: "The two had been in a relationship for five years by the time of this offence.

"There had been difficulties and turbulence in the past.

"They had split up numerous times, getting back together numerous times.

"On the day in question there is no doubt they were very heavily in drink.

"There is an argument, a brawl begins during which Mrs Topp admits she unlawfully bit the complainant's scrotum."
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Anonymous user 13 years
Well imagine if it was the other way round, woman always get away with assults charges when they assult a man.
but if a man assults a lady, he is screwed. i hate this woman empowering thing.
everything is all about woman,
Anonymous user 13 years
True that ma brother, for white and indian people i think it makes perfect sence,
but with us black people - the husband pays lobola for the woman, and yet they preach about human rights, if it has to be fair, no lobola should be paid when we getting married, after all we all the same.
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